The launch of a new online journal, BattMat, is proposed under the auspices of Internatinal Energy & Environment Society (IEES) and Shanghai University (SHU). It will address the growing scientific interests in developing sustainable materials for batteries and serve as a high quality multidisciplinary platform for publishing the highest impact research with open access; BattMat is expected to receive immediate and tremendous attention among the broad research communities related to energy research. BattMat will be a flagship Open Access journal among our main competitors.
Focus Areas and Aims
BattMat aims to publish on a wide variety of topics from different disciplines that share the focus on cutting-edge advanced materials for battery systems. It is expected to make a mark in the material science and electrochemistry fields with ambitions of a high academic impact.
The scope of BattMat is intentionally broad and encompasses relevant fields for developing high performance materials for batteries, including lithium ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries, sodium ion batteries, metal air batteries and other primary and secodary batteries. The journal recognises the complexity of issues, and therefore particularly welcomes innovative researches from multidisciplinary with wide impact. Readership will include materials scientists, engineers, chemists, physicists, energy researchers, environmental and analytical scientists from academia and industry.
We will adopt a continuous publication model, in which issues are opened at the start of the month, articles are published daily, and then the issue is closed at the end of the month. The current WOL limitation that only one issue can be open at a time would prevent the publication of topic- or issue-based special issues; when this has been resolved, we will switch to the continuous publication model